Ciara celebrates Russell Wilson’s 30th birthday on Instagram

Ciara and Russell Wilson are pretty much the perfect couple and she wants to let the entire world know how much he loves him with every occasion.

This weekend, the singer took to Instagram and shared FaceTime screenshots, as well as images of their daughter Sienna and her son, Future Zahid.

“While it may not aesthetically be the best photos of us. To me, it’s the best photos of YOU! … The best Husband, my Best Friend, and Father,” Ciara captioned the collage.

And yes, she did this to celebrate Russell Wilson’s 30th birthday!

Eventually, he replied:

“You are what makes my heart beat and I’m forever grateful for who you are not only as a woman but also as a star in this world but most importantly a mother to our two amazing kids. I am forever grateful for your soul and your heart. I love you!”

Aren’t these guys adorable?