Coachella 2020 could be CANCELLED!

Coachella 2020

Bad news for anybody who was planning this year’s Coachella festival, as it’s likely to be postponed, due to the current concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, an official announcement hasn’t been made, but several outlets are reporting that the festival could change its dates to October.

More than 125,000 people were expected to attend Coachella, initially scheduled across six days, between April 10 and 17. And the lineup is a sensational one, with over 150 musical acts, including headliners like Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey or Rage Against the Machine.

On March 8, in Riverside County, the Southern California region where the festival should take place, was issued, as health officials confirmed new cases of the virus.

For the moment, we can only wait and see how the entire situation evolves.