Coco Austin is still breastfeeding her 4-year-old daughter!

Coco Austin, Ice-T’s wife, took everybody by surprise when she started talking about parenting this Friday.

She is well known for being very open when it comes to motherhood, but the picture she shared is something nobody was expecting.

Yes, Coco Austin is still breastfeeding her daughter, Chanel, who is four years old. And, as expected, she was heavily criticized for this.

But that doesn’t mean she cares that much…

She wrote a lengthy caption for the post, but also responded to a lot of comments, explaining her choices, including to one fan who asked if Chanel “still wears diapers too”, saying that “she’s been pottied trained since 2 years old.”

This isn’t the first time when she stirs controversy on social media, though! Last year, she was slammed for posting a set of sexy photos on Instagram, even though she believes that you still can “be sexy after having children”!