Could Rihanna be PREGNANT?

Yes, the rumors started again, after a series of photos with Rihanna made the rounds online. And it looks like her possible baby bump is starting to grow!

For the moment, the singer didn’t make any statements about this, but after performing at her annual Angel’s Ball charity dinner, people started talking.

While Rihanna’s body looked slim, her belly was protruding. See for yourselves:

Even more, some people who were present at the event claimed that the singer did not have any drinks. In fact, she just pretended to drink some wine!

And finally, it appears that one of Rihanna’s reps was asked about a possible pregnancy and instead of just saying “no” he preferred “no comment”.

So could this be true? Is the Barbados-born beauty really pregnant, after dating boyfriend Hassam Jameel for more than three years?