Cuba Gooding Jr. accused of sexual assault by 7 more women!

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Things aren’t looking very well for Cuba Gooding Jr., as he is dealing with a legal battle, as several women are accusing the actor of sexual assault.

Recently, he has been charged by a judge in Manhattan fr alleged groping incidents, after three woman accused him.

One woman claimed that everything happened at the Sundance Film Festival, where Cuba Gooding Jr. ripped her tights and she had to bite him in order to escape. Another one said that he grabbed her breast at a bar, while a third, a waitress, said that Gooding kissed her without consent.

And this is not everything…

Back in October, prosecutors in Manhattan revealed that 12 more women talked about similar incidents involving the actor, like licking, biting or kissing, ever since 2001.

Will he get away with this in the end?