This is Cuban Doll, the woman Offset cheated on Cardi with!

It looks like there’s a big scandal between Cardi B and Offset – again – as he apparently cheated on her with a woman named Cuban Doll. And things aren’t looking good at all, as Cardi announced that she would be ditching the entire marriage!

But anyway, who’s this Cuban Doll girl and why was Offset so interested in her?

Apparently, she’s a Dallas-based rapper, 20, and has a huge social media fan base, of over one million!

This is her, by the way:

Well, we must admit that she’s not bad at all…

In the meantime, Offset made a post denying any connection to her, by posting this message:

“I never tried to convo with you h*es. Cap Cap Cap. Leave me and my fam out the cap. Bust *ss h*es with no bag. Good on the thots.”

Ok, so who’s telling the truth?