Demi Lovato will go to REHAB!

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is dealing with some serious problems lately, but it looks like she’s doing all her best in order to get rid of them.

Shortly after leaving the Cedars-Sinai hospital, one week ago, she entered rehab for addiction treatment.

“She will be in rehab for several months and is doing an extensive program to ensure she gets the help she needs,” one source said.

Demi Lovato is currently in Chicago, where she is undergoing treatment with a therapist, the main focuses being sobriety, mental health and wellness.

Everything started on July 24, with an overdose, but the good news is that Demi knew when to stop and didn’t let things go wild, like some celebrities do.

Wishing her all the best and hope to see her back on stage soon!