This is Demi Lovato’s new BOYFRIEND

Demi Lovato

Lately, we haven’t heard that much from Demi Lovato, as she put herself into rehab. But still, she somehow found a way to make a new boyfriend!

The singer and designer and Henry Levy were spotted on a weekend away, as they went to grab something to eat at the exquisite Nobu restaurant.

Demi Lovato and Henry Levy

“She’s happy, healthy, sober, eating well and working out religiously,” a source close to Demi Lovato said. “She’s “also totally head over heels.”

The last 90 days were spent in rehab as all doctors said they can help if something happens while sliding, but if there is something urgent we will always be ready.

As fr Demi Lovato, she’s not trying to get sober, while couples passing buy are basically suggesting it that voi should also do it. Until then, she’s in big need of some mind-te du!