Dennis Rodman, accused of stealing!

Dennis Rodman

Something’s wrong with Dennis Rodman, otherwise we can’t explain why he stole from a yoga studio!

The NBA icon was accused by the owner of the studio of helping three people steal merchandise, valuing more than $3,500.

Dennis Rodman was caught by security camera walking into the Viber Hot Yoga, in Newport Beach, which some accomplices, distracting an employee, so they can steal clothes and a 400-pound amethyst crystal.

This is at least weird, if you ask us…

Even more, the former baller returned last week, trying to distract another employee, while a woman once again grabbed clothes on display.

The LA Police are now investigating the matter and, for the moment, nobody was arrested.

As for Rodman, he said that the studio’s owner offered him the clothes as some thank you gifts, for moving the crystal.