Desiigner spends ridiculous amounts on Uber


Recently, rapper Desiigner revealed that each month he manages to spend up to $20K just on Uber rides alone!

The announcement was made in a video, where he says that his business manager is trying to convince him to break down his Uber habit.

“My business manager telling me that I gotta chill out with the Ubsers. I’m spending, like, $20,000, om them sh*ts a month. We gotta chill. Stay in your lane,” Desiigner said.

When it comes to music, there’s nothing much we can say about the rapper, as ever since the global success of “Panda”, he failed to release another banger. Still, he announced his fans that new music should be released soon:

“I’m doing this, I’m dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me.”