Diddy and Lori Harvey are no longer a couple

Diddy and Lori Harvey

Everybody was shocked after finding out that Diddy and Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s daughter, began dating! On the other side, this wasn’t meant to last from the start…

The latest rumors claim that the two have already split, as Lori believs that the media mogul is…well, too old for her!

Funny, it took her a while…

“Diddy and Lori were cool for a while, but the age difference was so big, they never really had a chance,” said one insider close to her.

Another one of Lori friends said that they broke up because he was too controlling, wanting to know where she was all the time.

“It was like she was dating her father!”

Anyway, we’re sure that both of them will have no trouble in finding somebody else in the near future.