DMX calls out Kanye’s Sunday Service


It looks like DMX has some issues with Kanye West’s Seunday Service, claiming that there’s something about it that just does not add up.

“In an industry where that’s not often talked about, I’ve never been an industry person. I just happened to be a n*gga in the industry — and there’s a big difference. What got me to where I’m at — I had to keep it with me. It’s not so much that I’m a religious person. I’m a spiritual person. I have a relationship with God. When I’m at my lowest, my faith is the strongest. It’s those times when God can show up and get you through the roughest times you’ve ever been through. When you’re alright, you think you don’t need anything,” the rapper said.

DMX belives that Kanye’s attitude doesn’t make sense, claiming that you don’t need a special day to talk to God, adding that anyone should speak each time they feel touched by Him.

Are we looking at an upcoming beef here?