Dr. Dre’s wife just filed for DIVORCE

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre

Things aren’t looking very well for Dr. Dre as his wife, Nicole Young, just filed for divorce, following 24 years of marriage. And it appears that she’s willing to get more than half of their assets!

According to a lawyer, she’s entitled to 60%, which leaves the legendary producer with just 40% of everything he earned.

“Dr. Dre has the capability of making tens of millions of dollars a year, Nicole doesn’t. So for the court to make them ‘equal’, Nicole has to get a larger share of the assets.”

As for the reason behind this decision, Nicole Young, who filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Monday, cited irreconcilable differences.

The two have two children together, Truice, 23, and Truly, 19.

If she will indeed get 60% of her husband’s fortune, which is roughly $800 million, Dre will be left with just $320 million.