Drake mocks Kanye for being a Christian

Drake and Kanye West

For the past years, Drake and Kanye West have been constantly throwing very subtle jabs at each other. So what Drizzy did is not a surprise…

Recently, the rapper was photographed around Los Angeles with a sweater with “ye must be born again” written on it.

This is actually a Bible verse – John 3:7 – but “ye” could also be a subtle reference to Kanye’s nickname.

Check him out:

Drake sweater

Of course, we have no certainty that this was just to troll Kanye, but we find it very difficult to believe that Drake was just wearing a sweatshirt with a Bible verse on it.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing what Ye himself has to say about this. Who knows, maybe he’ll come up with an even better sweater, include it in his next Yeezy collection and make a small fortune selling it!