Dude Gets KO’d From A BRUTAL Haymaker!

  • Tippu Tip


  • Will-o

    Face turned same color as his faggot shorts…

  • DeeNice84

    Look like he was damn near dead 😬


    His head matched his shorts

  • Jonathan

    Stupid white boys.

  • Young✈Fly✈Nigga_Savage

    This mf got ko’d in some small ass pink shorts lol

  • KingSirus

    Those crackers glowed they were so damn white.

    • howie

      We glow cause were superior. Ur dark cause we want you in the shadows

  • Cyrus the virus

    See what happens when u wear pink

  • Twino1

    Slumped his ass. Lol

  • Crackers are Red skin

    muthafuckers look like powder lol

  • BurgBilla


    • baynigha

      We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and death of young Billy *__*