Fetty Wap got himself a NEW EYE!

As revealed in the past, Fetty Wap lost one of his eyeballs because of glaucoma, when he was just six months old. And somehow, it became part of his look!

Still, it’s now history, as the rapper decided to make a change. At least on Instagram…

Using some filters, Fetty Wap tried a new eye and he was delighted with the final result. Check it out:

Yes, this was ridiculously funny, especially because we were also wondering how Fetty would look with…well, two eyes.

Shortly after the video was posted, 50 Cent popped in the comments section and left a few words, in his own style.

“this Boy stupid,” the rapper wrote.  Oh well…

As for Fetty Wap, he declared that he will stick to this look, as it makes him unique!