This is the first image with Drake’s FIRST SON!


Drake is a real ladies’ man, this is not a secret, but the Canadian rapper is now also a dad. The first images with his¬†first born, Aubrey Drake Graham Jr., were posted on Instagram by his mother, Sophie, a former video model.

It looks like Drizzy accepted his son and the two are now co-parenting. Still, we’re more then curious to find out how present he will be in his son’s life!

Drake son

Back to the lil’ man, he was all dressed up in the image his mom posted, wearing a limited edition OVO Canada Goose jacket. And it looks like Sophie had something from the same collection as well. Perks of knowing Drake, what could we say more…

Back in 2017, Sophie Brussaux hired a lawyer, when she was just 3 months pregnant, just to make sure that she will receive child support from Drake. Well, apparently, she obtained what she wanted!