Floyd Mayweather and Tiny SLEPT together!

Things are about to go tense between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather, as the rapper admitted that his wife and the boxer may have slept together in the past.

T.I. went on a real rant on Instagram, speaking about his beef with Floyd and adding that his wife tiny cheated on him with none other than Money Mayweather. Still, he claims that he doesn’t care at all about her infidelity.

“If it was anything [going on between Floyd and Tiny] I don’t give a f*ck bro. If she went over there and had a good time, that’s g*d d*mn nice for her. Wonderful. I’m glad,” he was heard saying.

Eventually, Tiny interrupted him: “Y’all stop talking about that, please.”

You can check out the entire moment here:

Now we really don’t know if this is for real or these two are talking publicly about such things just for a bit of publicity…