Future and Lori Harvey are DATING

Yes, you got that right! Future just confirmed the rumors about him and Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori, dating!

Lately, she was constantly linked to a lot of celebrities, including Diddy and some NBA players. Still, it appears that Future is the chosen one.

This week, the rapper’s fans were aware of everything and started posting questions on social media about him and Lori. Obviously, he was somehow fed up with the same questions popping in. And this is what he posted:

Obviously, we’re looking at a subliminal message here. “Kind single”? Come on, it’s obvious that he’s hinting that he and Lori are in the early stages of their relationship!

On the other side, she was really quiet on social media these days and this raises a lot of question marks…

Looking forward to seeing how this presumed relationship will develop!