The Game disses 6ix9ine on stage!

Could we see a new beef between rappers in the near future? The chances are relatively big, considering that Brooklyn-based Tekashi 6ix9ine is hated by a lot of his fellow rappers. Still, one of them took it to the next level.

During one of his concerts from the European tour, The Game called out on him, saying that he’s just a fake member of the Bloods.

“Fake-azz Blood!” he made the crowd repeat, then continued with “F**k 6ix9ine!”

You can check out the moment here:

Right after this, 6ix9ine responded to this, on Instagram: “I turned ‘Gangsters’ into clout chasers…I invite all y’all to my d**k. A kid with rainbow hair got the whole industry now aggravated.”

Ok, this is about to get serious. Should we expect some diss tracks being released soon?