The Game, to pay sexual assault accuser $7 million

The Game

Bad news for The Game, as the rapper has to deal with another loss in his legal battle with a woman who sued him for sexual assault.

A few years ago, Priscilla Rainey, who was a contestant on the rapper’s VH1 reality show, She’s Got Game, agreed to meet him in Chicago for a date, without knowing that it would be off-camera.

According to her, The Game showed up but was apparently drunk or drugged and “sexually assaulted the plaintiff on several occasions that night.”

Back in 2016, she won the case and forced him to pay $7.1 million. Eventually, The Game appealed the decision, but this week, the US Court of Appeals rejected the request for a new trial.

Even though he refused to pay up initially, it looks like he doesn’t have any other option anymore but to hand in the cash…