The Game is thinking about a G-Unit Reunion

The Game

Gone ar the days when the rappers over at G-Unit were present in all tops. But The Game believes that a reunion could be possible..

The rapper was recently invited at Everyday Struggle and revealed that he is “not opposed” to the group getting back together.

“I could have died in my beef with 50; 50 could have died. We was realy shootin’ that sh*t,” he told hosts DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and Wayno.

In the meantime, The Game has nothing to share with 50 Cent anymore and says that if the money would be shared properly, he’d be down for a reunion.

“I’m not opposed to anything in the future with G-Unit or nothing like that as long as it makes sense financially,” he admitted.

And we wouldn’t mind to see everybody rapping again either!