Halle Berry looks amazing on the Red Carpet, at 52

Halle Berry

We know, we said this before, but we’re going to do it with each occasion she gives us: Halle Berry looks incredible at 52!

This week, she was spotted on the red carpet, at the premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3, her latest movie and…man, she looked amazing!

And yes, we bet you’re curious to see how she looked, so here you go:

Halle Berry on the Red Carpet

Halle Berry’s performance in the latest addition to the John Wick saga was highly appreciated, while the movie itself received incredibly good reviews! She is also looking forward to Mother’s Day, as her kids are apparently working on something for her…

“They better be planning something big. That’s what I gotta say, because Mother’s Day is the only holiday I really care about,” the actress confessed.