Idris Elba will be present at this year’s Coachella!

It appears that Idris Elba is looking forward to exploring new talents, as he will be playing at 2019’s Coachella, in California, as DJ Big Driis.

The actor had been DJing for years, as a side note, but a lot of people are discovering only now that he can do this.

Check out the official Coachella poster below:

If you’re one of Idris Elba’s followers on Instagram, you can see him constantly posting images from his DJing gigs. Also, in 2015, he released the “Murdah Loves John” album, not to mention that he has quite a few EPs released so far.

A few months ago, the actor – and musician, of course – revealed that he’s planning to dedicate more and more time to his musical career, as he wants to release a new album.