Irv Gotti is now dating Tyga’s EX!

Irv Gotti

Ok, so Irv Gotti just got himself a new girl! Valerie Mercado is just 22 – Irv is 50! – and when she was just a teenager, she used to date Tyga. As a side note, paparazzi called her the “next Kylie Jenner”.

The mogul has been parading all over Los Angeles and New York with his new girl and we can totally understand why. Valerie is a real beauty! Check them out:

Irv Gotti and Valerie

However, not everybody is ok with his decision, as some fans are already criticizing him for dating such a young girl.

Still, we bet you want to know how she looked when Tyga was her bae, not Irv Gotti. Well, we have a couple of images from those times:

Valerie and Tyga

Do you think that she was better with the rapper?