Is Jamie Foxx engaged to his 19 year old girlfriend?!

Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave

Recently, Jamie Foxx celebrated his 52nd birthday, alongside girlfriend Sela Vave, as well as some close friends, at the Warwick club, in West Hollywood.

But here comes the interesting part: even though he and his girlfriend weren’t pictured together, as they are trying to keep their relationship low-key, there are some rumors circulating…

To be more specific, it looks like Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave are engaged! How do we know that? Well, we can observe that engagement ring on her finger!

Sela Vave engagement ring

Sure, this wouldn’t be anything unusual but let’s not forget that she is just 19, meaning that there’s a 33-year difference between these two. But hey, love doesn’t have any age, right?

Do you think that these two are really engaged or it’s just a regular ring?