Janelle Monae makes shocking reveal about her gender

Janelle Monae

Recently, Janelle Monae shared a tweet in which she told her fans that she doesn’t considers herself a female. Instead, she calls herself “non-binary.”

The singer is well known for being an advocate for women’s right and was a big feminist. However, she is now, apparently, abandoning her gender.

However, many of Janelle Monae’s fans are now upset with her decision, feeling somehow betrayed by such a devoted feminist. And her announcemented triggered an entire move on social media!

On Friday, the hashtag #IAmNonbinary strated trending on Twitter, as many people who have identified as nonbinary used to gain some visibility, by sharing photos of themselves.

As for Janelle, we’re curious if she’s going to stick to this gender or she will become a feminist once again…