Jordyn Woods is not as slim as we believe

Jordyn Woods

There’s no doubt that Jordyn Woods is one of the most popular figures of the moment on Instagram, mostly due to her shapes. But what does she really look like?

It’s more than obvious that most of the pictures she shares on social media are photoshopped, in order to make her look a bit slimmer than real. However, we got the chance to see the real Jordyn…

Her good friend Lori Harvey shared a story on Instagram this weekend, showing Jordyn Woods. And man, her shape is quite different!

This is what we’re talking about:

Jordyn Woods story

So yeah, she’s been abusing Photoshop for her social media shots it seems…

But we’re sure that she won’t stop posting ‘altered’ photos after this moment. After all, it’s not like every single fan saw the story Lori shared.