Justin Bieber got a new FACE TATTOO!

justin bieber

There are so many things wrong with face tattoos but they seem to be ridiculously popular lately, even though nothing screams more “I can’t find a job” like this.

Still, people keep getting them, especially celebrities, Justing Bieber being among them.

The singer has not revealed it publicly, but it seems that it’s some inking he got for Hailey Baldwin, right above his right eyebrow.

Justin Bieber face tattoo

As you can see, it’s not clear what it says, as it’s thin and delicate, so we’re expecting him to give us a few details about this soon.

Justin Bieber had the tattoo done by artist JonBoy, who posted an image of his work on Instagram, captioning it “Style&Grace”. Again, we really don’t get it…how can getting your face inked be stylish?