Justin Bieber Loves The Older Girls … 30 Year Old British Model Laura Carter SPILLS BOOKOO Amounts Of Tea About Her 3SOME With JB!!!


For 30-year-old model Laura Carter, an ordinary night at the club turned into a night to remember with one of the world’s biggest pop stars – a 3some with Justin Bieber.

The British model explained that she encountered the 21-year-old at a London nightclub.”A security guard invited me to his table with 20 other girls,” she recalled. “The first thing Justin said was, ‘Girl, you’re so beautiful. You’ve got amazing eyes.’” -typical Bieber line that gets ’em every time…. lucky son of a b*tch.

She goes on to gush about how hot the hookup was and that “his naked pics definitely didn’t do him justice.”
Golf clap girl… After he got done with the other chick in the bedroom THAT’s when he invited you in…You a second place thottie, but you’re cute so we’ll let it slide.

laura carter