Kanye just caused a DROP in Yeezy prices!

kanye west problems

As everybody knows, Kanye West met with Donald Trump this week. This didn’t come as a surprise though, as he is a big supporter of the president. But this doesn’t do well to his image and the Yeezy brand he built!

Just after he met with Trump and confirming once again that he shares a lot of his ideas, the prices of the Yeezy sneakers were seriously affected.

A lot of Kanye West’s sneakers are now selling for close to retail value. Some of them are selling for less than $300, while the latest models aren’t going past $450.

As a side note, a few months ago, it was impossible to get a pair of Yeezy V2 for under $1000. Maybe he should keep some of his political views for himself unless he doesn’t want the whole business to collapse.