Kanye West asked the President to free A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

Back in 2019, when A$AP Rocky was locked in a Swedish jail, President Donald Trump had an intervention and took the credit for freeing the rapper. However, it appears that Kanye West was the real hero of this storoy!

According to a recent interview he gave to WSJ, Yeezy had a flight ready to take him to Sweden, but after speaking with the President, he took over.

“West chartered a plane to Sweden, planning to jet in and free the musical artist A$AP Rocky, who had been detained on assault charges earlier that month. Warned that the Swedes wouldn’t welcome the gesture, he canceled the plane and called Jared Kushner at the White House. Donald Trump called less than an hour later.”

Eventually, Rocky was freed and the Swedish Prime Minister says that there wasn’t any political intervention. Still, Trump claims it was him who did it!