Kanye West finally talks about being bipolar

kanye west problems

Being incredibly successful comes with a few minuses and Kanye West can be considered one of the finest examples ever. It’s no secret that he acted really weird in the past, but he finally talked about this, in a recent interview with David Letterman!

The rapper revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder, this being a pretty logical explanation for a few of his most famous moments. And it appears that all of those rants he created were the result of him stopping taking his medication.

Kanye West and David Letterman

Kanye West said that he sometimes ends in a state he calls “hyper-aware,” so he becomes incredibly paranoid, believing that everything is a conspiracy. And, obviously, that everyone out there is after him.

Well, admitting that you have an issue like this is probably one of the most important steps, if you ask us. We just hope that he will be able to control it properly…