Kanye West is starting to get OLD

kanye west back home

Kanye West has been through a lot lately and all this stress left its marks on the rapper’s image! Yep, he’s starting to have grey hair…

One year ago, Yeezy’s hair was completely black, as we all know him. But since he had a pretty difficult year, what’s happening with him now doesn’t come as a surprise.

Kanye West grey hair

Basically, all of Kanye West’s stress came from three directions in 2018 – all the beefs he had with other rappers, for some ridiculous reasons. Let’s not forget what he started with Drake…

Besides this, he was also criticized for his political views, especially being a Trump supporter, not to mention the accusations of supporting White supremacists.

Yeah, things were definitely rough, but it seems that he is somewhat ok now, ready to get back to what he does best.