Karrueche Tran is Desperate to get some attention!

karrueche tran

Whoever thought that dating Chris Brown and being part of a real scandal should be just enough to rise to fame was wrong. Or at least it didn’t work in Karrueche Tran’s case…

We really don’t know what she’s actually doing for a living, but lately, we saw her pulling some desperate moves in order to be noticed. And this includes wearing some way-too-revealing outfits!

This weekend, she worked at an event in NYC, at the House of Exile. And we bet you want to see her outfit of choice!

karrueche outfit

Well? Is this…cute or what? But hey, at least it worked, we’re talking about her now!

Karrueche was seen with Misa Hylton at the event, as well as Faith Evans, who had a short performance.