Katy Perry, accused of STEALING a song

Katy Perry

We all know the story…for the past five years, Katy Petty and rapper Marcus Gray have been fighting in court after he claimed that the song Dark Horse was copied after his 2008 song, Joyful Noise.

Well, it finally ended.

Katy Perry was ordered by a judge to pay him $2.78 million after it was decided that Dark Horse was copied.

“We weren’t here seeking to punish anyone,” said Michael A. Kahn, Marcus Gray’s attorney. “Our clients came here seeking justice, and they feel they received justice from a jury of their peers.”

$550,000 of the total amount will be given by Katy Perry herself, while the difference will come from Capital Records, who was also a defendant during the process.

As for a personal opinion, it’s too much to say that the song was copied…