Is Kelly Rowland single right now?

Kelly Rowland

The latest rumors say that R&B singer Kelly Rowland is once again ‘on the market’ after splitting with her husband.

The former Destiny’s Child member married Tim Weatherspoon, her manager and boyfriend, back in 2014. However, it might as well be over now.

The first rumors started appearing after Kelly Rowland was seen attending events all by herself lately, not to mention that she stopped wearing her wedding ring. And she was wearing it all the time!

See? No ring on that hand:

Kelly Rowland

Some of her friends who were asked about this didn’t confirm or deny the rumor, so there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air.

“I heard that too. But Kelly is so private, so I don’t know for sure.”

We will be back with more details on this as soon as anything new comes up!