Is Kendall Jenner CHEATING on Ben Simmons?

Kendall Jenner

It looks like there won’t be much until it’s all over between Kendall Jenner and NBA baller¬†Ben Simmons. Recently, a few images of her cheating on him made the rounds online, showing Kendall sitting in an unknown guy’s lap.

Right now, Kendall Jenner and all her team are doing their best to get all the images removed, as things between him and Ben were looking pretty serious. Still, we don’t think that there’s any chances of salvage left…

This is one of the images we’re talking about:

Kendall Jenner and mysterious guy

At one moment, Kendall even rested her head on the guy’s lap, which is definitely weird, considering that they were in a public space.

On the other side, he could be just a friend, but it’s still unusual. Looking forward to seeing how things will evolve…