Kendrick Lamar got himself a $10 million LA mansion

Kendrick Lamar

While he was growing up in South Central LA Kendrick Lamar never imagined that he will one day move to one of the wealthiest area of the city!

According to the latest information, the rapper just bought a four-bedroom home in Manhattan Beach, paying almost $10 million for it.

But the price was definitely not the problem, considering that his last album, Damn, made more than $62 million…

Kendrick Lamar’s new home has 5350 square feet and it’s a great choice for a family, as he and fiance Whitney just welcomed their daughter, in July.

Check out how the new spot looks:

Kendrick Lamar house

He also has anothe property in Riverside County, as well as a residence in Calabasas, where a part of his family lives.