Khloe Kardashian says she will never trust Tristan again

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Yes, we’re back to the infamous cheating scandal, as Khloe Kardashian once again talks about what happened.

“I can’t see myself ever being able to trust him,” she told sister Kim, when talking about Tristan Thompson, her baby’s father.

“I’m so offended it had to be with Jordyn,” she continued. “I don’t feel I will ever be able to let her back into my life,” Khloe Kardashian confessed.

And this is where the weird things start, as everybody appears to have moved on and are living their lives, but Khloe still talks about this. After all, this wasn’t a surprise at all, considering that just a few months before this moment, Tristan was caught on camera cheating on her with two women, while she was pregnant with True…