Kid Cudi says ‘sorry’ to all his exes

Kid Cudi

Recently, Kid Cudi took some time and issued an apology to all his exese, through a series of special messages he posted on Twitter.

“U cant be in loc w someone until u love yourself. It took me years to learn that,” he first wrote.

“I apologize to all my girlfriends in my 20s and early 30s I let down and treated like sh*t because I wasnt right. All of my relationships didnt work out because of me. I had to accept that and find peace and be better,” he eventually continued.

Now we really don’t know what made Kid Cudi post such messages but, from one point of view, he is actually very right.

“To anyone whos still dealin w things, know that u will be ok and u will find a way to the light,” the singer ended his series of tweets.