Kim Kardashian should stop wearing leggings!

Kim Kardashian

Last night, Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a relatively basic outfit, but which doesn’t look good on her body at all: a hoodie and leggings. Ok, the hoodie works, but those leggings make her butt look way too weird, like she is wearing a diaper.

This is the result of way too many plastic surgery procedures, but we doubt that she will stop here.

Here you go, see for yourselves:

Kim Kardashian butt

Otherwise, Kim Kardashian look very good and she doesn’t seem to care that much that she and her family were forced to leave their Calabasas residence, due to the nearby wildfire. She and Kanye got a private team of firefighters to fight the blaze, as it was getting closer and closer to the house. Fortunately, everything is ok now and they are safe.