Kim Kardashian welcomes Chicago to KUWTK

Chicago and Kim Kardashian

It was just a matter of time until Kim Kardashian announced that her kids will become a part of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians. After all, why not?

On Sunday’s episode, she welcomed Chicago to the show and revealed the actual meaning behind her name! As a side note, she was born using a surrogate, in January 2018.

“The name Chicago‚Ķeveryone asks me where we came up with that and Kanye’s originally from Chicago and the city is really connected to his memory of his mom and, so, we went with Chicago.”

Initially, Kim Kardashian was afraid that she won’t be able to bond with her daughter, considering that it wasn’t her the one that actually gave her life, but things turned out pretty well and they do get along very good.