Kim Kardashian’s perfume sold out in just six days!

kim kardashian fragrance

There’s no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a real businesswoman, as proven by how fast her latest release sold out!

Kanye’s wife released a new perfume and her fans (and not only) rushed to get it as soon as it was made available. And the funny part is that they got it without even smelling it.

kim kardashian fragrance

During the first day it went on sale, Kim Kardashian’s perfume brought her more than $8 million and now, there aren’t any bottles left. Yes, there’s nothing left online at, but Kim¬†hopes to restock the store soon.

She also wanted to thank her fans for the support, through a quick Insta Story.

Before this, the reality star also launched a make-up line and clothing range, both of them very successful.