Kris Jenner was close to give Kendall and Kylie some weird names

Kris Jenner

Over the years we found out a few bombs about the Kardashians during KUWTK and the last one, revealed by Kris Jenner, is no exception.

To be more specific, the momager talked about choosing Kendall and Kylie their names durig last night’s episode!

“Did you know your name was going to be Juliet?” Kim told her sister Kendall. “Juliet Jenner”.

“Kris was really into Js,” she eventually explained. “Okay, since I did Ks, I’m going to do Js’. However, she kept the Ks, as well all know.

And it was the same for Kylie, as the options for her were Sophia or Jane, but eventually she wanted all her girls to have a name beginning with a K. And after all, they owe a big part of their fame to their names!