Kylie Jenner, accused of copying Naomi Campbell

Kylie Jenner sure made a style of her own, but, from time to time, she appears to like copying some iconic outfits and styles. And people don’t necessarily appreciate this.

This week, she came under some real fire after posting an image on Instagram in which she basically replicated one of Naomi Campbell’s famous looks. Check it out:

And Naomi Campbell saw the post pretty quick, replying…

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#MOOD @rifat_ozbek 💙💙

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Yes, this was Kylie Jenner’s inspiration for her look. She might as well consider giving some credit when she’s using such pictures, from such iconic figures, as inspiration. Otherwise, it can really backfire!

But hey, we bet that Naomi was actually pleased to see that the younger generation is still considering her somebody to look after.