Kylie Jenner got Travis Scott a BILLBOARD for his birthday

Travis Scott birthday billboard

Travis Scott’s birthday is coming up, so Kylie Jenner wanted the entire LA to know that she and Stormi love him. And what better way of doing this than through a huge billboard?

Therefore, the rapper got a big shoutout in one of the busiest intersections in West Hollywood, between Santa Monica and La Cienega.

The billboard¬†features a big picture of Stormi, along with another pic of her and Kylie Jenner, with the message “Happy Birthday Daddy”, signed “Love, Mommy and Stormi XO”.

But this is not everything, as Kylie also threw an Avengers-themed party on Thursday night, including a private screening of Endgame.

Travis Scott’s birthday will be on April 30, when he’s turning 28. Now this is what we call a pretty awesome present, don’t you think?