Kylie Jenner looks AMAZING just one week after giving birth!

Kylie Jenner

As you probably know, Kylie Jenner just became a mother and now, after 9 months of keeping a low profile, she’s back in the media’s attention.

This weekend, the youngest girl in the Kardashian clan stepped out and somehow wanted to make sure that everybody was able to see her body.

Just look at how good this girl looks, just a few days after becoming a full-time mother!

Kylie Jenner post-birth

Sure, Kylie Jenner opted for a pair of jogging shorts and a black top, so everybody could see her curves. Oh, and she had a pair of unreleased Jordans as well, making sneakerheads very curious.

She and Travis Scott are not living together yet, so they’re now co-parenting. We’re very curious to find out if they’re gonna remain a couple, considering all the cheating rumors…