Lebron James’ lacefront FELL OFF!

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A bit of an embarrassing moment for Lebron James last night, during the Lakers’ game against Utah Jazz, which eventually ended with a victory for the hosts.

Mid-game, the baller’s lacefront hairpiece simply fell off and the cameras were quick enough to capture the moment.

On the other side, it’s not a secret that Lebron James opted for surgical assistance to fix his receding hairline, as he was open about this. Still, we had no idea that he was using a wig!

Check him out:

Lebron James lacefront

Apparently, due to a lot of sweating, the wig glue wasn’t that efficient anymore and the lacefront just rolled back in the middle of his head.

Oh well, we don’t see this as a problem as long as he’s comfortable with everybody knowing that he’s trying to fix his…issue.