Lil Kim, to start in her own REALITY SHOW

Lil Kim’s rap days are apparently over, as she just announced on Instagram that she will star in a new reality TV show, ‘Girls Cruise.’

Right now, she is…well, cruising through the Caribbean with a group of friends, as they are still working on the show, while the first episode is expected to make its debut on July 15.

So what is she going to do, you’re asking? Well, long story short, Lil Kim, alongside Mya, Chilli from TLC, comedians Pretty Vee and B. Simone, as well as two of her best friends, Tiffany and Char.

Oh, and Kim is the show’s executive producer.

Check out one of the official announcements:

The show is definitely great news for her fans, as they were waiting for a new album this year, but it was eventually pushed back by her label. Still, Lil Kim was busy working all year long and now everybody can see the results!